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    Some rules


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    Some rules

    Post  Admin on Mon 19 Aug - 14:12

    Hey awesome! You are in our forum, the team of tranquility welcomes you!

    Rules, rules , we know they are everywhere, but sometimes we have no choose. Befor you post a message, please read this, for these are the forumrules:

    The following:


    Participation in the forum is a must to ensure the proper functioning of Tranquility. So you stand informed of changes in the organization. We welcome new members in this forum and we will answer all questions. Some members will cross rarely In Game because of different schedules of play so this forum is the best place to keep in touch and help each other. It is the heart of tranquility.

    It is recommended to visit the forum every day before connecting to the game.

    Mutual aid is a key word in Tranquility

    Your username on the forum must be the same as your main character IG.

    Private topics/fights are to be hold private. If you have any problems, contacts us in teamspeak to adjust your problem. Other players dont need to know everything.

    Constant repeating of the same issue, words, text and so on might cause blocking your IP forum. So no text flooding!

    Insulting other people is not allowed. Respect eachother if not, we will block you.

    The forum is a place to feel safe, have fun and ask questions.

    Racist remarks are not allowed. The admin can block you.

    The admin remains the right to block, move or delete the topic when people do not respect the forum rules.

    In other words, lets keep it safe, fun and relaxed for everyone.

    A big welcome to all the members of Tranquility forum.

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